Friday, December 15, 2017

Warhammer World: Dragon and Knight

I wanted to finish off this week with a picture that I took at Warhammer World a while back. This one was in the classics section of the exhibitions. It features an older style dragon pouncing on and combating the attentions of a knight.

Interestingly for a piece like this is the wooden mount that can be seen for the base. Show pieces like this one are somewhat rare, even in the modern era. It is really pleasing to see the effort gone to for a diorama like this. 

I like the colours on the dragon as well. At first, its not clear that a cream colour for the leathery wing sections would go so well with the reds and blacks of the dragon. But then think of the Blood Ravens chapter of the space marines for whom a similar approach works so nicely. The blue and white of the knight also work well together, albeit in a starker manner. However, this would be a very reasonable choice for an historic knight to pick as well. 

The base is nicely flocked and the overall effect is a joy to linger and stare in to. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Large Sector Mechanicus Forge

This is what happens when one combines a Ferratonic Incinerator to a Promethian Forge in a horizontal layout (rather than a vertical direction).

In terms of just the sheer dimensions, this is more than enough for a centrepiece item of scenery. One could easily imagine this being at high level tournaments on various boards. However, I think that to truly do a board complete justice, one may wish to have double this (i.e. two lots of each) to fully complete a board's look. This would have the knock-on effect of creating more line of sight blockages, and interesting areas to run around on top, as well as fire from. In some ways, the walkways at the top are rather exposed. Hence although my thought was "I may need more of theses sets", perhaps what is instead required is simply an abundance of ancillary pieces to finish the look of the board. In particular, the crates sold by GW provide a good counter balance to the walkways with true line of sight (solid) blocking and several of them scattered around would be a good thing to employ. Pipelines as well at ground level would be a superb addition to complement what is already here. 

I will leave it at that for today ... the snow is falling and the ice is forming thick underfoot locally ...

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Vertical Forge

Carrying on from my two previous posts on the mechanicum series of scenery, today I wanted to just briefly show and demonstrate the kind of vertical arrangement that is possible when one stacks them together. 

Here I have taken some items from the Promethian Forge and some from the Ferratonic Incinerator, just to see what it looks like.

The hard reality of a centre piece scenery item like this is that I don't think I would make too many of them. And moreover, I think I would want to be playing on a smaller board as well -- say 4ft x 4ft at maximum. This gives a good "condensed" area in which to play and is very suited to kill teams and similar games. Ultimately, I think those kinds of games are probably best for such vertical arrangements. Large armies on these kinds of ensembles are tough to do (and to place). Anyway, just thought folks might like to see what is readily available to construct with a bit of forethought and planning. I reckon the piece looks good - very good in fact; but I just don't think that in a 6ft x 4ft board, it would be too appropriate to have too many multi-level items like this, unless the entire board is geared toward this type of game, or it is a simple one off central terrain item. Just some random thoughts. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Complete Promethian Forge

Its been a little while coming, but the Promethian Forge is finally completed. 

For this scenery piece, I wanted to adopt the same modular approach that I had started to take with the Ferratonic Incinerator. Indeed, I want both of my assembled kits to be interchangeable with each other and also be transportable. Hence although this piece looks glued together in this particular configuration, it is not. The octagonal platform for instance is in two parts - one containing the chimney and one containing the other have plus the first segment of the bendy walkway. The other bend constitutes the other fragment of the overall modular design.

Having learnt my lesson the hard way with the Ferratonic Incinerator, I made sure to dry fit each and every under-hanging bit to the piece before gluing it in to place. Moreover, this meant that I could readily add the sidewalk shields or bannisters (sorry, not really sure what the correct noun is for them yet!) without worrying where the support struts actually were located. 

The kit is large, and I have intentionally made it apparently even bigger by making it occupy as much of a horizontal distance as possible. I did not want to opt for the picture on the front of the box where the curved walkways are surrounding the central octagonal platform. This serves the purpose making sure more of the board appears to be covered in scenery (to be clear, I know it is the same area, but having it more snaking around the board creates a bigger impact which is something that I want). 

In future posts later this week, I want to show the modularity of the kit in two ways. Firstly in the vertical direction, and then by combing it with the Ferratonic Incinerator to make a centre piece building. They both have their pros and cons in terms of gaming, and I'll talk through them this week.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Messing around with Tree Making again

One item of scenery that I keep on returning to time and time again are trees. They seem to be a very ubiquitous item of scenery that every modeller from train enthusiasts through to fantasy and far flung future table top gamers seem to want to make - and often in bulk as well.

This effort is simply an experiment. It follows the same prescription for the wire mesh frame that I have used extensively in the past to create the trunk and root system. Several wires of florist wire are bunched together, twisted, folded and twisted again to make this kind of frame. On top of the twisting, I then apply several layers of filler, allowing each layer to dry off before the next one is applied.

The main difference for this tree is that I have added a bit of plastic fish bowl decoration to the top of the wire mesh frame. These items are relatively cheap and can be seen in the background of previous posts I've made here. Just a dab of superglue and its done.

I've mounted the tree on top of a 32mm base - this can be used to infer the scale. Its taller than a Primaris marine but rather stick thin in the middle. 

I think I need to do a bit more experiments on this - including painting up the trunk of this particular tree to see how it looks. My first step will be to expand the girth of the trunk as I cannot quite make my mind up if a thin trunk looks correct with such a bushy upper foliage or not. I think it could go both ways really, but I'd like to at least entertain what a difference a bigger trunk might make to the tree - and to line of sight blocking at minimum. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Promethian Forge

Very much a work in progress, but today I have commenced assembling the Promethian Forge from the Sector Mechanicus range. This will fit snugly -- and more importantly: modularly -- alongside my other Sector Mechanicus range. 

The image shows just the first section of the gantry or ledge that I'm working on. One of the main problems with this piece is how to make it modular. There are just so many permutations to select between that it is often hard to know what to do.

However, I have decided that the best way forward here is to cater to my wants for this scenery. Hence I have decided to keep it at one level only, meaning I'm not going to stack multiple levels in a vertical direction. This is for a number of reasons, but one of the main ones is that I want some horizontal spread of scenery before I think about the vertical direction. One level up should be enough for the kind of board that I have in mind at the moment. 

More importantly, thinking about the horizontal spread, I also wanted to make sure that this piece was not compact like the picture on the front of the box. Instead, I want is to cover as much horizontal distance as possible. This dictated the need to have the support struts in the places that I've glued them in to in the image. Ultimately, I want to be able to make a long walking gantry for the miniatures to be able to fight along and provide interesting lines of sights in a number of locations. I think this arrangement will ultimately achieve that, but its still early days on this particular project. 
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